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In the new world order where the world has become a global village, studying abroad has become an essential pursuit. However, every parent has many concerns when their children, who have grown under their wing so far, leave for a completely unfamiliar foreign land. Their safety, academic quality, legal assistance , indivedual mendoring and support, traditional moral values ​​among different cultures, individual attention, food and accommodation are some of these major parental concerns .aim plus has designed its policy and program as a solution to all these concerns. We believe and inspire that in every challenge an opportunity can be found and to leap beyond limitations by discovering the maximum potentiality of each one apart from formal academic programs, our aim is to nurture human resources to the maximum extent through systematic skill set training, recognizing the potential in each individual for better success in the modern competitive world. 

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We provide globally recognized education with moral discipline, fostering well-rounded individuals prepared for success in a diverse world.

MBBS Abroad

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Medical doctor is still the most promising and prestigious profession in the world. That is why we have selected the best universities in Central Asia with the aim of providing world-class medical education to our students. The most suitable country and university are selected based on the criteria of academic quality and clinical experience, friendly attitude towards Indian students, traveling distance, cultural assimilation, safety and security, international career opportunity, moderate fee and living cost.etc.. As far as the Indian Medical Student is concerned The NMC guidelines must be kept compulsory.Mentorship is of great importance in MBBS studies as unlike other foreign studies it is a long study and requires constant dedication during the study period. Aimplus differentiates itself from others by creating a mentorship system that provides continuous learning support from the admission process to the Convacation so that no other distractions affect goal focus.

MBBS Abroad

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Our facilities are designed to enrich the student experience, offering state-of-the-art amenities such as modern classrooms, well-equipped labs, extensive library resources, and comfortable hostel accommodations. With supportive faculty and a vibrant campus community, we provide an environment conducive to academic excellence and personal growth.

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Fostering Success with Outstanding Campus Facilities


Our campus provides a vibrant environment with modern facilities, diverse programs, and a supportive community, fostering growth and excellence in education.


Our hostel offers secure, comfortable accommodations with a supportive atmosphere, creating a home away from home for students to thrive.

Class Rooms

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and conducive learning environments, our classrooms facilitate interactive and engaging educational experiences for students


Our college library provides a vast collection of resources and a conducive environment for research, study, and academic exploration.


Our college library provides a vast collection of resources and a conducive environment for research, study, and academic exploration.


Our dedicated faculty members mentor and guide students, providing exceptional academic instruction to ensure their success.

Student Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys Shared

Discover the inspiring journeys of our students as they share their experiences at Aimplus. From academic achievements to personal growth, their stories speak volumes.

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